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Meni-One offers a variety of dietary supplements according to symptoms.

Promoting physical health

Maintaining eye health

Maintaining joint health

Maintaining health of eyes and joints

Maintaining oral health

  • Pero-One
    With the creation of a healthy oral environment, reduction of mouth odor and plaque accumulation can be expected.

Maintaining health of cats

  • Meni-Nyan Gold
    Meni-Nyan Gold
    Formulated with L-lysine hydrochloride and lactoferrin that can reach the intestines.
  • Meni-Nyan Eye+
    Meni-Nyan Eye+
    The tablet type is suitable for use in dry food, while the powder type is for use in wet food. Please select the type depending on the cat food of your choice.
  • Meni-Nyan Eye
    Meni-Nyan Eye
    Support health maintenance of cats by supplementing L-lysine hydrochloride, an amino acid that cannot be synthesized in the animal body.