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Meni-One PureCotton-one
Recommended for cleaning body parts around the eyes and ears

Product characteristics

No concern about irritation as this wet cotton is made with purified water only.
No antiseptic solution (ethanol), alcohol, flavors, or preservatives are used.
Individually-sterilized aluminum pouch
You can always use it in a clean state.
Easy to pull out each cleansing cotton
Any part of the aluminum pouch can be easily torn
and opened. A pouch contains two separate pieces
of cleansing cotton, and you can pull out a piece of
cotton one at a time.


- Please finish using the product as soon as possible after opening.
- This product is for single-use. Do not use it repeatedly.
- Please do not flush the product down the toilet after use and dispose of it hygienically.
- You may find yellow or black dots on the surface or inside of the cotton. Such dots are cottonseed hulls, and not a problem for use.
Commonly-asked questions about the products
Meni-One answers questions from pet owners.


16 pouches,100 pouches


6cm * 7.5cm 仕上り /2ッ折